Central Illinois Cleaning Service

Central Illinois Cleaning Service, Inc. of Illinois is a commercial and industrial cleaning company headquartered in Decatur, IL. Over the years our company has become one of the most respected contract cleaning companies in the area by placing our clients’ needs above all else. We believe in our employees and together, we give our customers the quality cleaning services they deserve and expect in their facilities.

In addition, CICS, Inc. is a locally owned and managed company. Our management team has the ability to respond immediately to any of our client’s cleaning requests, issues or needs. Customers of CICS, Inc. have found the accessibility of cleaning company management to be an invaluable tool in meeting and maintaining their facility cleaning standards and requirements.

Furthermore, as a locally owned and managed business, we believe that we have a distinct advantage in the hiring of personnel. CICS, Inc. is familiar with the local “hiring landscape.” We feel that our company’s excellent reputation as a cleaning company in Central Illinois allows us to attract the top employee candidates.

CICS, Inc. is fully insured and bonded.

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332 W. Marion Avenue, Suite 3
Forsyth, IL 62535

Phone: 217-876-7860